Welcome to the Moving Maven Blog

Hello and welcome to the Moving Maven Blog!  So what’s this Moving Maven Blog about?  Well it’s definitely about moving, warehousing and storage AND all you need to know about moving, warehousing and storage– BUT wait there is more. . .

The Moving Maven blog will also feature different topics of current interest whether it’s celebrating and elevating our dynamic community, Tallahassee and all the folks who make Tallahassee and beyond GREAT or discussing the joys and challenges of operating a small business.  Join me on this journey and let’s see where the path will take us.

By the way, the Moving Maven is Gloria Pugh, owner of AMWAT Moving Warehousing & Storage located in beautiful Tallahassee, Florida.  I look forward to sharing moving tips, experiences, thoughts and news with you.  I also encourage dialogue with all my readers so please feel free to post.

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