AMWAT Moving Prom Dress Collection for Pace Center for Girls

Every girl deserves to feel like royalty on prom night. Sadly, not every princess has access to the gown of her dreams. You can make magic happen for the girls at PACE Center for Girls.  Imagine the smiles, the twirls, and the confidence radiating from these deserving girls as they slip into their dream dresses. Your contribution can turn their dreams into reality! Your generosity will be the fairy godmother these girls need to feel like the belles of the ball. Let’s make memories and moments that will last a lifetime. Spread the word, share the love, and let’s make prom dreams sparkle brighter than ever before!  Thank you, Michelle Mitcham-McCord Tallahassee Woman Magazine for sparking this initiative.


Donate gently used or new prom dresses (all sizes welcome!)

Accessories (shoes, jewelry, handbags)

COLLECTION DATES:  4/22 – 5/17, 2024

DROP-OFF LOCATIONS:     AMWAT Moving Warehousing Storage

319 Ross Road, TLH (850) 877-7131


Gandy Printers

1800 S Monroe St, TLH (850) 222-5847


Image by Lisa

1379 Timberlane Rd, TLH (850) 518-6061


Eight Five Zero Salon

1122 Thomasville Rd #6, TLH (850) 224-1814



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