Staging Your Home

Staging Your Home

Getting ready to sell your residence means decluttering and staging your home to attract buyers.  Unless you’re a minimalist, we don’t know too many homeowners whose property is immediately ready to go on the market without a good cleansing.   Start with the big items, nothing makes a room appear larger than when you remove big, clunky furnishings.  Thin out the chachkis throughout the house including walls.  Keep these three options in mind: keep, donate or dispose.  Order a portable storage container so you can start storing away at your own pace.  Or, contact a moving and storage company who can pick up your excess items and take to storage.

AMWAT offers both options, we can easily drop off a portable storage container and when it’s full, we will gladly retrieve the container and store in our air-conditioned warehouse until your moving day.  Alternatively, we can dispatch our professional movers who can do all the heavy lifting and deliver to AMWAT’s air-conditioned storage.

Getting ready to sell your house?  Give us a call at 850-877-7131 or

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