Pink Pianos will be strategically placed throughout Tallahassee during the holiday season.  The pink pianos are for anyone to enjoy!  Many cities all over the world have strategically placed pianos in heavy pedestrian areas to encourage culture, festivity, good fellowship and live music.   Although, pink is not a traditional holiday color, the pianos in Tallahassee to also bring cancer awareness and raise much needed funds for the fight against cancer.  Tallahassee Commissioner Gil Ziffer is the brain child of the Pink Piano Initiative.  Commissioner Ziffer contacted AMWAT Moving Warehousing Storage to inquire if we would join him in this initiative.  Of course, given the timing, the holidays (which we love) coupled with raising cancer awareness and bringing our great city of Tallahassee holiday cheer, how could we refuse.  AMWAT picked up approximately 20 pianos from various donors and delivered them to Northwood Centre where they were temporarily stored until the Pink transformation.  Local area children artist participated in the decorating of several of these Pink Pianos. We want to thank Commissioner Gil Ziffer, Jim’s Pianos, Northwood Centre and all Pink Piano Sponsors.  AMWAT along with Jim’s Pianos will be delivering the Pink Pianos to the following locations: Kleman Plaza Rotunda (Sponsored by Florida League of Cities); Betton (Sponsored by Capital City Bank);  Red Eye Coffee (Sponsored by North Jones);Tallahassee Regional Airport  (sponsored by Jim’s Pianos);  Hotel Duval (Sponsored by Hotel Duval);  College Town (Sponsored by College Town); Market Street Pavilion (Sponsored by Evolution);  Tallahassee Democrat (Sponsored by Tallahassee Democrat);  Westminster Oaks- happy hours and sing-alongs (Sponsored by Hopewell); Northwood Center (Sponsored by Northwood Centre);  Whole Foods (Sponsored by  AMWAT Moving Warehousing Storage);  Southside Arts Complex;   C.K. Steele and Art Gallery at RR Square.

We encourage you to play the pink pianos and specifically, if you are a pianist.  Again, thank you to all our sponsors and all who participated in this initiative.  Working together for a better quality of life in our great city of Tallahassee!

We hope you have a wonderful, happy and safe holiday season.  May the spirit of the season embrace you!  AND enjoy the Pink Pianos!



4 thoughts on “AMWAT Movers LOVES PINK PIANOS

    1. We agree! I can see you are also in the moving industry that is, the removal industry as commonly referred to in Europe. In the United States, the moving industry does not have the best of reputations amongst consumers so we try to elevate our image by providing excellent services to all our clients as well as give back to the community. Thus far, the pink piano initiative has been very successful; we were able to raise much needed funds for the American Cancer Society and random folks within our community sit and play the piano for pure enjoyment. We actually got the idea from other European and U.S. cities. Wishing you the happiest of holidays!

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