Getting ready to move can be a bit overwhelming specifically if you are doing most of the packing.  It is essential to know there are certain items that should never be packed in moving boxes due to the items hazardous and/or perishable nature.  There are many household products that are hazardous materials and often illegal to ship.  What’s more, perishable items should never be packed into moving boxes and most definitely if moving long distance.  An item spoiling in a moving truck due to climate change can leak and/or release odors causing damage to items.  Packing these items can result in a consumer’s claim for damages being denied should a loss occur due to an item spilling, exploding, spoiling, etc.   In fact, the consumer can be held liable for any damages and/or injuries that may occur as a result of their packing the hazardous items listed below.  Note, if hiring the packing services of a professional moving company, the packing crew will not pack these items and will leave these items out for the consumer to dispose of, carry in their individual vehicles or better yet, donate to a non-profit.

For your protection and safety please omit the following:

Aerosol cans regardless of content

Heating agents such as Sterno

Nail polish and remover

Any type of gas in bottles or tanks including propane or oxygen

Fire extinguisher

Paints, varnishes, solvents, thinners and oils

Ammonia, bleach and other household cleaning agents

Chlorine granules or powder

Muriatic acid (also known as hydrochloric acid)

Auto batteries

Charcoal/lighter fluids

Matches and lighters


Any other combustible product

 In addition to hazardous materials, perishable items and those of personal importance are recommended for your individual transport.   These include:

Frozen/refrigerated food


Open food items


Prescription medications

Stocks, bonds, and securities

Collections, such as coins and stamps

Insurance policies


Jewelry and furs

Important documents

We encourage you to contact us should you have any questions regarding the what not to pack list.  Please contact us at 850-877-7131 if you have any questions.


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