Front loading washing machines have approximately 4 shipping bolts that are very specific to the appliance’s make and model.  All manufacturers ship front loaders with the shipping bolts inserted to avoid internal suspension and structural damage to the washer during transport.   Retailers leave the shipping bolts in the front loaders until the unit is delivered to the Consumer.  Consumers need to ensure the shipping bolts are removed from the unit during the installation process.  Once the shipping bolts are removed, it is wise to keep the bolts in a safe place for future use.  Shipping bolts can be purchased however, they are very specific to make and model.  Moreover, due to the variety of shipping bolts, many appliance retailers do not keep shipping bolts in stock.Consumers can purchase the shipping bolts from the manufacturer but shipment of the bolts can take several weeks and at times, the bolts are on back order.   Universal kits are available for purchase but this is a hit or miss situation depending on the make and model of your front loader.  Front Loading Washing Machine Shipping Bolts

Front Loading Washing Machine Shipping Bolts


The shipping bolts stabilize the drum and drum suspension to prevent damage to the front loading washing machine while being moved.  Often due to liability reasons, many moving companies will recommend the consumer retain 3rd party services, i.e., an appliance service provider to disconnect the appliance and properly install the bolts prior to moving.  Moving companies can set up 3rd party services on behalf of the consumer should the consumer desire.  Consumers can disconnect the appliance and insert the bolts themselves.  Many manufacturers provide DIY video instructions specific to the make and model.  However, the consumer will be assuming liability should damage occur to the front loader due to the consumer improperly installing the bolts. 

Once you have arrived to your new residence,

ensure the bolts are removed from the washing machine during the installation process.  Again, due to liability reasons many moving companies will refer this service to an appliance service provider and/or request the consumer remove the bolts themselves.  Failure to remove the bolts from the unit prior to utilizing the appliance will cause damage.   

Lastly, hold on to those bolts – you made need them in the future.  Happy Moving!


  1. Hi,
    If a seven year old washing machine were to be transported on it’s side without transit bolts could this severely damage the already warn drum, bearings and any other parts.



    1. As a company policy, we do not move (transport) an appliance on its side. The risk of damage to an appliance is much higher when transported on its side rather than erect. We cannot provide an opinion regarding damage to your particular washing machine. Thank you.

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